Moving to New Site

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I am beginning to move the blog to the new site – you can go there now to get moderated so you can post your comments – still some things to do with the side bar and other minor tweakings.  … Continued

Hot Air Continues

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A large area east of Grand Rapids saw rain before sunset yesterday – also from Kalamazoo to near Plainwell saw a setup of persistent rain for a couple hours.  I was out trying to water some of the plants around … Continued

Tropical Airmass

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First off thanks to Slim for filling in for me, very much appreciated.  Also hats off to the Plainwell EMS, Borgess Pipp and Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo.  Great crews there of doctors and nurses – and of course the Water … Continued

Dry and Warm

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The Atlantic continues to be active with three named storms: Jose, Maria and Lee.  The expected tracks are below.  There are tropical storm watches along the coast from Delaware and Massachusetts from Jose. Hurricane Jose expected to produce life-threatening surf … Continued

Explanation of New Forecast Page

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Forecast models will be moving to the new site I am not providing them on the blog anymore.  The new forecast page is here.  Still maintaining the tabbed format as before with more features including NAM models. Each item on … Continued

Dense Fog Advisory

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There is a dense fog advisory for most of the state until 9am – not to bad down here in the valley at this time.  I had one of those I wish I had my smartphone out moments heading to … Continued

The Michigan Weather Center

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I am working diligently to move to the next step of a more professional polished web site for the masses.  I was surprised to find that no one has registered the Michigan Weather Center domain so I am going with … Continued

Dry and Pleasant

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Looking at the long range models I am seeing several chances of high temperatures getting into the low 80s over the next couple weeks with very few chances of rain forecasted.  We are not in drought conditions but are abnormally … Continued

Irma is Cat One This Morning

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Hurricane Jose is meandering around the Atlantic like a drunken sailor while Irma continues its path of destruction as it continues northward. Hurricane Irma weakened to a Category 1 storm early Monday after plunging millions of Floridians into darkness. No … Continued

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