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Now here is something you don’t see often – the whole area of shaded gray and tan denotes a dense fog advisory. Yesterday morning I didn’t think much about it until I hit the road at 8:30 – visibilities were … Continued

Tropical Disturbance 10 – (Irma)

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The tropical disturbance hanging out over Florida since the 23rd – (Fort Myers, Florida, has received 14.1 inches of rain since last Wednesday) is moving up to the Carolina’s – this storm is expected to stay mainly off the coast … Continued

U.P Verses Houston Rainfall

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The first graphic is an amazing albeit horrifying comparison of the seasonal rainfall in the U.P. and the rainfall of Harvey in Houston thus far.  The second image is the predicted (NAM) rainfall totals through Thursday. This is the Futurecast … Continued

Fall Like Pattern Shaping Up

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First off thanks for the write-ups on the solar eclipse yesterday – very good descriptions, I enjoyed reading them. A cool 54° down here in the valley this morning – there is not going to be a lot to talk … Continued

Cooler Weather Pattern

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First off a couple shots of the eclipse yesterday – the color one is from GunLake Deb the second from my smartphone (cropped) taken in Allegan.  It was a battle with the clouds during the eclipse but we got enough … Continued

Eclipse Day

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I told my wife she could wear my welding helmet during the eclipse today – she said it was not fashionable.  Sunglasses are fashionable but not appropriate for sun gazing.  The NWS recommends shade 16 welding glass, NOAA a 12 … Continued

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