Rain – Warming into the Weekend

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Looking at the long range models we may be looking at chances of below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation right through the first week of June.  Our normal highs would be in the low 70’s for this period.  Not … Continued

Scattered Showers & Storms

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After another gorgeous day yesterday we will see a couple low pressure centers rotating through Michigan for the next couple days – the Futurecast model depicts this rather well. This will bring periods of showers and an isolated thunderstorm (not … Continued

Enjoy Today! Wet Week Ahead

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A few heavier showers passed through the area yesterday morning then the day turned out to be pretty nice.  I got some of my tomatoes and pepper plants planted.  I also transplanted some of my chocolate peppermint plants into pots, … Continued

One Stop Weather Site

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I agree with Slim in regards to having new things to write about.  We start out with a blank slate and some days have to dig deep to come up with an interesting post.  For myself I generally just post … Continued


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Today’s title is simple – cool.  Perhaps shocking would be a better word after we had temperatures close to 90° the past couple days.  We had 41° here in Otsego at 7am.  I had the big box fan in the … Continued

Wind Advisory Today

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We managed to squeeze out a couple hundredths of rain over night – getting a bit dry around our area with just a bit over an inch of rain thus far in May in Otsego.   This leads to an elevated … Continued

Let The Heat Begin!

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It is going to feel more like mid July than Mid May around here for the next couple days.  I dragged out our big air conditioner on Sunday and now it has its summer home in our kitchen window ready … Continued

Thunderstorms Tonight

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Hope all of you have been enjoying the beautiful weather the past few days.  We are moving into a warmer and wetter weather pattern this week. Thunderstorms are expected tonight with the main threats being lightning and heavy downpours.  There … Continued

Happy Mothers Day

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The image to the left is from 7am this morning – our hummingbird feeder is placed in front of our kitchen window.  They generally hover when they feed – this morning they decided to feed at leisure.  This one is … Continued

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