Birthday wishes and more.

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First off today is my wife’s Birthday so I will start off by wishing my wife a very Happy Birthday!happy-birthday-wishes I will not tell you how old my wife is but since the day of her birth (on April 22nd) the average high has been 59.5° the average low 38.0° the warmest it has been on her birthday in her life time (here at Grand Rapids) 86° the coldest maximum was 40° the warmest minimum was 60° and the coldest low was 24° there was a year where 0.1” of snow was reported and the wettest day was 1.72” of rain. Once again Happy Birthday to my wife.
We are now into the last part of April and this is a time of some weather extremes it can still get cold and there has been snow. It can get very warm and of course there have been thunderstorms and tornadoes in the last half of April. Here is some weather history for the last 10 days of April.

April 21
1923: A tornado struck three miles west of Scottville in Mason County. It destroyed an unoccupied home and carried pieces of it over a mile.
1967: A tornado outbreak hits from Missouri to Michigan, killing 58 people. The worst of the damage was in northern Illinois, where dozens of people were killed in Belvidere and Oak Lawn. At least seven tornadoes hit Michigan, injuring more than 50 people and destroying dozens of homes. A tornado moved across the southern outskirts of Grand Rapids, doing heavy damage. Thirty-two people were injured and a total of 65 buildings were destroyed and another 60 heavily damaged. Another tornado injured eight people and killed 34 sheep as it moved from Westphalia to the south edge of Fowler in Clinton County.
2013: Heavy spring rains caused severe flooding. The Grand River crested at 21.85 feet in downtown Grand Rapids on the 22nd, with fish being photographed from the submerged windows of buildings along the river.

April 22
1976: A tornado damaged several homes northeast of Burlington in Calhoun County.
April 23
1968: A tornado struck Big Rapids in Mecosta County, injuring 11 people and doing half a million dollars in damage as it covered a path 10 miles long.
1986: Freezing weather prevails across Lower Michigan. Record cold temperatures for the date include the 19 degrees at Muskegon and 20 degrees at Grand Rapids which is also a record for coldest so late in the season.
April 24
1980: Only two days after setting record highs in the 80s, a record snowfall blankets Lower Michigan. Grand Rapids sets a record for the date with 2.4 inches of snow, after hitting 86 degrees on the 22nd.
April 25
1976: Winter returns after summer-like weather the week before. After four days in the 80s from the 15th to the 18th, temperatures are held in the 30s today and heavy wet snow falls. Lansing sets a record for the date with 4 inches of snow, as does Grand Rapids with 3 inches.
April 26
1915: A record three-day spell of warm weather in the 80s peaks with a high of 88 degrees at Grand Rapids and Lansing
April 27
1966: A cold rain falls across Lower Michigan, holding temperatures in the 30s. The high of 37 at Grand Rapids and 38 at Lansing are both record cold high temperatures for the date.
April 28
1964: A tornado destroyed a cottage and downed trees north of Newaygo.
1991: A restaurant was destroyed and a hardware store was unroofed as a tornado moved along the northwest edge of Hart in Oceana County.
April 29
1899: Grand Rapids sets the record high for the month of April at 90 degrees after a balmy morning low of 70 degrees.
1909: Heavy rain mixed with snow sets records across Lower Michigan. The daily total liquid equivalent precipitation is 2.53 inches at Grand Rapids, and this includes a daily record of 2.2 inches of snow. The 1.75 inches at Lansing includes four inches of snow. Temperatures remain in the 30s all day.
April 30
1962: Several tornadoes struck southern Lower Michigan. A fire station was damaged in Lansing and a building was destroyed in Grand Ledge. Another tornado struck south of Ypsilanti destroying a barn and damaging two houses.

If the new (April 20th 2017) CPC’s out look for May plays out it looks like it could be a warm and for a change dry month around here.

Now taking a glance at the CPC’s summer guess if it plays out that could bring us a warm and dryer summer.

we shall see.  Remember last fall the CPC and other had this past winter as cold and snowy and we now know how that turned out!

Here is the CPC’s current very long range outlook for next winter. Note their confidence level drops later in the winter.

and for the JFM time frame

Have a nice weekend.


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Jack Edwards


Jack Edwards
Hey Late NIGHTERS OR Early Morning Risers…. The Space Environment Center’s Neural Net Program estimates that . . . in 5 minutes, the Geomagnetic Activity level (Kp number) will be 6.67 — at STORM LEVEL! in 20 minutes, the Geomagnetic Activity level (Kp number) will be 6.33 — at STORM… Read more »
Jack Edwards

Also Lyrid Meteor Shower Going On….

Mark (East Lansing)

Happy birthday to your better half, Slim!

Gun Lake Deb
Happy Birthday, Mrs SlimJim! I’m liking the next winter’s forecast – if it actually came true? A little more rain for Florida would be nice – it feels like the whole state is a tinderbox right now. I’m glad I’m back in Michigan’s refreshing air, although it was a bit… Read more »
Sandy ( Hudsonville)

You are so right! It sure was refreshing out there this morning.

Sandy ( Hudsonville)


ROCKY (Rockford)

It was a great day! Give me sun and below normal temps all Summer long!

ROCKY (Rockford)

Next winter be prepared to get hammered with SNOW! Probably 100+ inches! I can hardly wait!!

Andy W

Awesome, I’m glad Rocky predicted that!! Above normal temps and 60″ or less of snow will now happen because of that prediction!!

ROCKY (Rockford)

In your dreams!

Jack Edwards
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