9th Warmest on Record.

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  The winter of 2016/17 was the eight warmest on record in Grand Rapids. With the winters of 2015/16, 2011/12, 2001/02, 1997/98, 1982/83, 1931/32,1920/21 and 1918/19 being warmer. The past winter was the 8 warmest in Detroit and Flint and … Continued

March 2012 and high winds

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  Just a reminder we change the time tomorrow morning. So don’t forget to “spring” ahead one hour. It is called Daylight Savings Time. But the way it is now set up it should be called “standard” time and the … Continued

Has Spring Started?

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    There was a question as to past warm streaks in February in the past. We will still have to see how the one this year plays out. In February 2000 Grand Rapids from February 22nd to the 29th … Continued

Welcome to February

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Here in Grand Rapids February starts out with an average high/low of 31/18 on the first and ends the month with 38/23. The record warmest day was 69 on February 11, 1999 we reached 67 on February 22, 1930 and … Continued

January 21 2017

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A quick note: I swapped Slims posts my mistake, this was supposed to appear last week – MV Today I will be looking at the weather history for the January 11 to 20th time period. January 11 1890: Temperatures reach … Continued

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