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At Grand Rapids we ended July with the mean temperature right at average! There was only one day of 90° or better and only 10 days of 85° or better, But it was rather dry as only 1.12” of rain fell at the airport. Of that amount only 0.07” fell from July 14th on. This was the driest July at Grand Rapids since 1976 when Grand Rapids only received 0.81” of rain. At Lansing, the mean temperature was +1.7° and due to a couple of heaver storms they had 2.84” of rain. There only 0.06” fell from the 14th on. Muskegon the mean temperature came in at +0.5° There 1.63” of rain fell and they had a little more in the last half with 0.43’ falling in the last half. Here is the latest Michigan drought monitor.

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While this July has been somewhat dry in parts of Michigan how does it compare to some dry months in the past?
Here in Grand Rapids the driest month on record was September 1979 when only a trace of rain fell. Some other very dry months from the past are October 1952 with 0.03” November 1904 with 0.06” March 1910 with 0.08” August 1899 with 0.13” June 1988 0.25” April 1942 with 0.39” July 1934 with 0.40” At Lansing it was recorded that July 1916 there was 0.00” of rain. November 1904 0.04” September 1979 a trace was reported. July 1916 0.09” At Muskegon two months stand out March 1940 with just a trace and November 1904 with just 0.04”. The driest year on record here in Grand Rapids is 1930 when only 20.92” of rain fell. Other dry years are 1962 22.77”. 1944 23.46” 1910 23.53” the latest very dry here in Grand Rapids was 1996 with 27.55” For reference 1988 Grand Rapids had 36.37” This year thru July Grand Rapids is at 22.60”.

It has been reported that Death Valley, CA has just had it hottest month in their history. The mean for there for July 2017 was 107.4° breaking the old hottest month of 107.2° set in 1917. Of course, it has been very dry there in fact between February 22nd 2017 when 0.03” of rain fell and August 2nd when 0.06” of rain fell there was only a trace of rain on a couple of days. Talk about it being dry! So far this year they have only recorded 1.15” of rain.

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Jack Edwards
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Mark (East Lansing)

The airport is on the NW side of Lansing. Over here, we didn’t get nearly as much rain in July. Getting a shower now.