Dry and Warm

Dry and Warm

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The Atlantic continues to be active with three named storms: Jose, Maria and Lee.  The expected tracks are below.  There are tropical storm watches along the coast from Delaware and Massachusetts from Jose.

Hurricane Jose expected to produce life-threatening surf and rip currents and possible heavy rainfall along portions of the East Coast. Tropical Storm Watches are being issued from Fenwick Island, DE north to Plymouth, MA, excluding New York City. Maria has strengthened to a hurricane.

The US Virgin Islands are under a Hurricane Watch and may receive impacts by Tuesday. Maria is expected to affect Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic this week – won’t affect out east coast until next week.




Here are the two storm systems in the Pacific – Norma and Otis.



We continue in our dry warm pattern this week which will continue through the rest of the month – a few chances of rain this week through the state, consider yourselves lucky if you get a shower.  Below are the CPC forecasts for October showing cooler than normal temperatures and equal chances of above or below normal rainfall.



For your full forecast for Michigan you can see it at the new site by clicking the link below.


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Sandy (Hudsonville)

Looks a little hot!

Sandy (Hudsonville)

It is beautiful outside today!!


A friend is getting married this Saturday. They planned if for this time of year,hoping it would not be so warm. Oops.

Sandy (Hudsonville)

I just saw the weather on Wood tv 8 for the next week. With all the 88 degree days in the forecast we could possibly see a 90 degree day.

Mark (East Lansing)

So many catastrophic natural disasters lately. 🙁

Sandy (Hudsonville)

Seems that way at times.

ROCKY (Rockford)

Great October CPC outlook! Below normal temps!

Barry in Zeeland

Yeah, that’s what they said going into September. Now we’re looking at multiple 90 degree days on tap, potentially record breaking highs.

ROCKY (Rockford)

We need a rain dance and fast!

Mark (East Lansing)

Very dry here, but we did get some rain each of the past two days.


Michael. Take care. Prayers for you & your family.