Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017


The NWS may also have this or something similar for Easter but here is some weather history at Grand Rapids that has happened on Easter Sunday. Remember that Easter can fall anywhere from March 22nd to April 25th The last time it fell on March 22nd was in 1818 and it will not fall on March 22nd again until 2285. As for April 25th, the last year Easter fell that late was in 1943 and will not be that late again until 2038. Next year Easter is on April 1st

The top 3 warmest Easter’s

  1. 82 degrees April 18, 1976
  2. 81 degrees April 17, 1927
  3. 80 degrees on both April 10, 1977 and April 13, 1941

The top 3 coldest

  1. 6 degrees on March 29, 1970
  2. 9 degrees on March 28, 1948
  3. 10 degrees on March 24, 1940

The wettest

  1. 1.32 inches on April 22, 1973
  2. 1.05 inches on April 12, 1903
  3. .93 inches on April 6, 1958

And last but not least the snowiest

  1. 2.5 inches on April 4, 1920
  2. 2.3 inches on March 30, 1975
  3. 1.2 inches on April 7, 1996

Last year Easter was on March 27th and here in Grand Rapids the high was a very pleasant 68° and the low for the date was 34° There was 0.26” of rain fall.

The other day (April 13th) there was a discussion on the number of days this April (the same could be said for any month) we have had that were “above average” When determining if a “day” is warm or cool can sometimes be misleading and April 13th was a great example. The high on April 13th  was 49° the average high at Grand Rapids for April 13th is 57° that means the days high was -8° below average, However the low for the date was 44 and the average low is 37° that means the low was +7° but the mean for the day was exactly average +/- 0° so while the date will go into the books as an average April 13th the days high was -8° below average and would be considered a “cool” mid-April day. Here is the day by day list for the month of April.

1st H 58° +6 L 31° -1° for the day +3
2nd H 58° +6° L 30° -3° for the day +2
3rd H 52° -1° L 45° +6° for the day +6
4th H 50° -3 L 36° +2 for the day 0
5th H 43° -11 L 32° -2 for the day -6
6th H 42° -12 L 33° -1 for the day -6
7th H 54 ° -1 L 34° -1 for the day -1
8th H 62° +7 L 27° -8 for the day 0
9th H 75° +20 L 50° +15 for the day +18
10th H 78° +22 L 52° +16 for the day +19
11th H 56° 0 L 43° +7 for the day +4
12th H 58° +1 L 39° +2 for the day +2

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend


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Showers and a few embedded thunderstorms will come to an end in most areas toward mid day. The break in the rain will allow temperatures to climb into the 75 to 80 degree range, but it will be cooler near the lake. Another round of showers and storms will move over the region tonight, mainly late. This precipitation will also come to an end through the morning hours of Sunday. We will dry out by Sunday night and Monday More showers are in store by the middle of next week. After temperatures in the 70s through early next week, it appears we will cool to 60 to 65 by Wednesday and continue through Friday.


Showers and a few thunderstorms will pass through the area this morning. They will end or at least become less numerous into the afternoon. Then a cold front comes through Sunday morning, with another round of showers and storms coming through ahead of the front.

A warm front and low level jet will pass through the region this morning. Once this occurs the rains will end and we will also see some clearing, which will help boost temps into the 75 to 80 degree range. Then a cold front approaches the area tonight bringing more showers and a few storms.

Solid jet dynamics remains pegged for Central Lower, where the steadiest rains should occur. Areas toward Highway 10 could see upwards of an inch of rain, while most of the remaining CWA sees a quarter to half inch of rain.

Despite the favorable dynamics over MI, the best instability remains southwest of Chicago, so severe storms are not expected. A few showers/storms should continue into Easter morning as the front presses through. But most of these should be confined the the SE CWA.

Clearing skies through the afternoon from the NW. High pressure fills in into Monday, producing dry and pleasant weather. .


The next chance of rain arrives Tuesday afternoon. Low pressure moving across the upper Midwest will move across Lower Michigan Tuesday night. We`re pretty confident that we`ll see showers during this time frame. Thunder remains a possibility too. Despite the lack of a strong accompanying short wave, shear values are decent…in the 30-50kt range.

So, we`ll have to be on the lookout for strong/severe storms late Tuesday across the southern cwa. After the low and trailing cold front move through, a wave is progd to develop on the southern flank and then move northeast toward the lower Great Lakes. This brings showers and thunderstorms back into the cwa Thursday.

Friday looks dry, but cooler. The warmest day will be Tuesday with highs in the mid to upper 60s. After that, the successive cold fronts will result in highs falling to the mid 50s by late in the week.

Updated Futurecast at 2130.

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Andy W

Well it’s Saturday and Another above normal day today in April!! Who knew?!?!

ROCKY (Rockford)

Get ready for a lot of below normal temps beginning by the end of next week! Boy we have seen a lot of below normal temp days so far this Spring!


Barry in Zeeland

Looking at Slims facts above, if 3 days out of 12 is considered “a lot of below normal days”, then what is 9 out of 12 days not below normal considered? Fiery blowtorch?

ROCKY (Rockford)

So far this month we have had 6 days of below normal temps and plenty more to come!

Andy W

GRR NWS CF6, only 3 days below normal this month, keep dreaming!!

ROCKY (Rockford)

Not this again. You ignore facts and believe fake news. That sounds like about 1/2 of the electorate!

Andy W
No that would be you! You are the one that posted the fake instantweathermap models all winter that never once came true and guaranteed all these winter storms that never happened!! Still waiting at the bank for the two major winter storms you said would be coming in March!! Even… Read more »
Andy W

That CPC map says near normal temps, I’ll take 60’s!!

Mark (East Lansing)

Feels like summer. We may be flirting with another record high.

Happy Easter everyone.

Sandy ( Hudsonville)

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! It is a beautiful day out there. I got some pansies yesterday & put them in pots. Looks like Spring. 🙂

Mark (East Lansing)

83° now. Kids are flying kites. I’m in the hammock enjoying a sprite. Great day.

Jack Edwards
Charged Particles from Sun heading towards Earth. When does the Aurora storm watch begin?       The storm watch begins Sunday at 20:00:00 EDT — in 24 hours and 39 minutes (this info is automatically in your local time)       The storm watch starts at the above… Read more »
Jack Edwards


Jack Edwards

Because HE LIVES..All FEAR is GONE….