Marquette Heat Waves

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We are now almost half way thru August 2017 and daylight is now becoming noticeably shorter and more likely than not we have already seen the hottest days of this summer. When we think of the UP and Marquette we think of rather cool to sometimes cold summer weather and that is generally the case up there. However, they do get very hot from time to time. (most of the very hot readings were taken in the city of Marquette where with a west to southwest wind there is down slopping that will warm the air)
In 1980 Marquette had its hottest day of the year in April that year on April 22nd the temperature jumped all the way to 92° (it was 86° here in Grand Rapids on that day) But the bottom dropped out and it was only 21° on the 23rd of April and Marquette seen 6.5” of snow. Note Grand Rapids also had 2.4” of snow on the 24th Ten years later Marquette seen highs of 86° on April 25th 1990 and then 89° on the 26th On May 9th into the May 10th Marquette had a major snowstorm and 22.4” of snow fell and there was over a foot on the ground on the May 11th and snow was still on the ground on the morning of May 14th 89° was the warmest it got in Marquette that summer. It can and has gotten to 100° or better 17 recorded times at Marquette the earliest date was on May 28th 1969 when the temperature hit 100° at Marquette. Other 100°+ days at Marquette are 101° June 29th 1931. 101° June 30th 1963. In 1911 it reached 101° on July 1st and then 104° on the 2nd July 1936 Marquette seen 101° on the 8th and again in the 9th with it reaching 104° on the 13th July of 1901 also seen 3 days of 100+ at Marquette with it reaching 100° on the 20th 102° on the 14th and Marquette’s all time record hottest day of 108° on July 15th 1901. There was a 100 reading on July 28th 1916 and 105° on July 29th 1917. The last official time it reached 100° or better was 104 on July 19th 1977 and the latest date of a 100° reading at Marquette is 102 on August 5th 1947. (August 6th 1947 is the latest date GRR has reached 100 that year GRR recorded 100 on August 5th and again on August 6th)

Some other interesting (cold) weather facts about Marquette. It has gotten cold enough that they could have had frost ever month of the year. The record coldest low for July is 36° 2000. the record for August is 33 set in 1885. and for June its 28° 1986. Marquette has reported measurable snow fall in every month except July and August  with the most in a given month being 91.9″ in February of 2002 and 91.1″ in January of 1997.

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ROCKY (Rockford)

Did you say heat wave? What a FANTASTIC SUMMER! No extended heat waves, minimal 90’s and plenty of PERFECT temps in the 70’s and low 80’s! Who said a hot summer? It has been a perfect summer! Who knew?

Mark (East Lansing)

I concur wholeheartedly. Terrific weather and I don’t know about y’all over there, but the biting insects have been pretty much nonexistent here.

Interesting – our maple and several in the neighborhood already have some leaves changing color.

Andy W

I also agree with Rocky! Temps in the upper 70’s have been great! Like today is going to be fantastic! Mid 70’s and low humidity is perfect! Also, my favorite season is just around the corner, fall and football! Best time of year in Michigan!!