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With tomorrow being Mother’s Day I thought I would look at what the weather was like here in Grand Rapids on Mother’s Day over the last 26 years. In the United States Mother’s day is observed on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday. Organizations, businesses and stores are open or closed, just as they are on any other Sunday in the year. Public transit systems run to their normal Sunday schedules. Restaurants may be busier than usual, as many people take their mothers out for a Sunday dinner. So today we will look at the weather on Mother’s day since 1991. The dates that Mother’s day can fall on are between May 8th and May 14th
1991 May 12th high 83 low 62 precipitation 0.00
1992 May 10th high 79 low 46 precipitation 0.00
1993 May 9th high 86 low 50 precipitation 0.00
1994 May 8th high 66 low 35 precipitation 0.00
1995 May 14th high 64 low 53 precipitation trace
1996 May 12th high 51 low 33 precipitation 0.00
1997 May 11th high 67 low 38 precipitation trace
1998 May 10th high 74 low 45 precipitation 0.00
1999 May 8th high 56 low 50 precipitation 0.12
2000 May 14th high 56 low 40 precipitation 0.00
2001 May 13th high 65 low 35 precipitation 0.00
2002 May 12th high 49 low 41 precipitation 1.39
2003 May 11th high 67 low 43 precipitation 1.02
2004 May 9th high 81 low 55 precipitation 1.19
2005 May 8th high 81 low 50 precipitation 0.00
2006 May 14th high 58 low 45 precipitation 0.24
2007 May 13th high 68 low 38 precipitation 0.00
2008 May 11th high 57 low 49 precipitation 0.27
2009 May 10th high 59 low 41 precipitation trace
2010 May 9th high 55 low 31 precipitation 0.00
2011 May 8th high 70 low 46 precipitation 0.00
2012 May 13th high 74 low 52 precipitation trace
2013 May 12th high 46 low 37 precipitation 0.00
2014 May 11th high 84 low 44 precipitation trace
2015 May 10th high 62 low 51 precipitation 0.41
2016 May 8th high 68 low 41 precipitation 0.00
Over the last 26 years the average high on Mother’s day in Grand Rapids is 66.3 and the average low was 44.4 the warmest since 1991 was 86 in 1993 the warmest minimum was 62 in 1991. the coldest high was 46 in 2013 the coldest low was 31 in 2010. While most of the above Mother’s day were dry the average rain fall over the 26 years was 0.19” the most rain was in 2002 when 1.39” fell. In closing I hope all Mothers have a very nice Mother’s day.


On a sad personal note. It was one year ago today May 13, 2016 when my wife’s twin sister pasted away. So this is a sad day in our family.

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Weak low pressure with move through today with only a slight chance of showers. Mostly fair weather will prevail through Monday then a warm front will bring a chance of showers and a few thunderstorms on Monday night and Tuesday.

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Fast northwest flow will continue through much of the near term as Great Lakes remain in between an upper low ever eastern Canada and an upper ridge axis across the Central Plains. Moisture will be limited in this flow regime as Gulf moisture is cut off.

For today, the isolated showers in Wisconsin this morning will move east into Lower Michigan later this morning and afternoon. Lift is provided by the left exit region of upper jet with some diurnal enhancement from sfc heating by afternoon. Instability is marginal with LIs remaining above zero and totals in the mid 40s.

Thunder was left out of the forecast though a couple lightning strikes are not impossible. The showers should move east by the evening and decrease with loss of sfc heating. Then dry weather under sfc ridging should hang on through Monday.

Temperatures tonight and Sunday night should be in the 40s and perhaps some upper 30s across the north, but not cold enough for frost. Overrunning pattern develops by Monday afternoon with sfc based LIs going negative but moisture is limited and showers and thunderstorms should hold off in most places until late afternoon or early evening. .


Low pressure over the Plains will push a warm front north through Lower Michigan Monday night. Tuesday through Thursday will be warm with highs in the 80s before cooling off late in the period. Aloft, a large ridge will slide over the Great Lakes to Deep South Tuesday before drifting east mid week. as the ridge moves off.

Short waves will begin to ride northeast along the periphery toward Lower Michigan and we`ll see chances for showers and storms increase. Both the gfs and ecmwf begin to take on a negative tilt late in the week as a cutoff low develops in the Plains. A lingering frontal boundary will be the focus for showers/storms toward the weekend.

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Mark (East Lansing)

Happy Mother’s Day to all. I am blessed to have an amazing lady as a mom.

ROCKY (Rockford)

Our current weather = GREAT golf weather! Great for all outdoor activities! Enjoy it!

Jack Edwards

HMD..To All Mom’s.
And Hear is a Classic I Came Across This Early AM…Sunday…
CUE :;:;;—->

Jack Edwards