Moving to New Site

Moving to New Site

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I am beginning to move the blog to the new site – you can go there now to get moderated so you can post your comments – still some things to do with the side bar and other minor tweakings.  I decided to do this today as I will be at home most of the day to get you all registered….  So, in short – the Coffee Shoppe is closing its doors though the domain will still be here until December as I continue to move files to the new site….


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Barry in Zeeland

Where is the link for the new blog?

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Jack Edwards
FYI….FOLKS The Space Environment Center’s Neural Net Program estimates that . . . in 14 minutes, the Geomagnetic Activity level (Kp number) will be 5 — Very Active. in 29 minutes, the Geomagnetic Activity level (Kp number) will be 5.33 — at STORM LEVEL! in 44 minutes, the Geomagnetic Activity… Read more »