Heat Warnings South – Rain Chances

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Look at all the excessive heat warnings in the central U.S. (the area in purple).  Although it’s already been hot, temperatures will climb even further into the mid 90s and dewpoints will rise into the mid 70s Wednesday through Saturday, … Continued


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1863??? Here is the past weather history from the GRR NWS office for July 15th July 15 1863: It was a frosty morning with temperatures falling to the 30s across much of Michigan. The low of 31 degrees is the … Continued

Cooler Today

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After a gloomy day yesterday we should see the sun come back later today.  With a northwest wind we will be cooler than normal for this time of year.  Dewpoints will continue to drop into the upper fifties so we … Continued

Wednesday Storms

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A storm moved through the northern half of Allegan county yesterday prompting the thunderstorm warning – the skies became dark and commenced to drop copious amounts of rain.  Some thunder and lightning but nothing serious.The family of geese who live … Continued

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