Another One of Many

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These are the forecast maps from the SPC for the next three days for storm outlooks.  The heat and humidity continues.  I used to love these summer days but now as I age and with medical issues I have become … Continued

Bow Echoes & Derechos

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This week I have been discussing the heat wave and possible ring of fire situations for the rest of the week – I thought it would be a good time to present some information on what a Bow Echo is:  … Continued

Heat Wave & Ring of Fire

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In the United States, a heat wave is usually defined as a period of at least two or more days of excessively hot weather. In the Northeast, a heat wave is typically defined as three consecutive days where the temperature … Continued

Sunny and Breezy Today

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This is the rainfall map from yesterday (until Midnight) from the NWS.  As you can see most of it stayed from Kalamazoo to the south.  The northern branch of the precipitation started falling apart by the time I went to … Continued

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